Wednesday 18 September 2019
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3 Advantages of Buying Clarity-Enhanced Diamonds

3 Advantages of Buying Clarity-Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity-enhanced diamonds are the way of the future. With inflation and a fluctuating job market, diamonds are getting harder to afford. Enhanced diamonds are typically larger, a higher grade, and less expensive. All of these factors are three advantages of buying clarity-enhanced diamonds.

When purchasing a diamond, you look for what we at Best Brilliance call the 4 Cs: color, clarity, cut, and carat. The ideal diamond is colorless and completely clear. Diamonds that are cloudier and more yellow are lower-quality and thus less expensive.

But you don’t have to settle for lower quality in order to be able to afford a diamond.

Clarity-enhanced diamonds are chosen differently from picking a regular diamond to go in your jewelry. They’re durable, and it’s hard to detect whether they have been enhanced or not. It requires a special scope to see if the gem has been enhanced and where the fracture-fillings or laser-drillings were done.

When choosing non-enhanced diamonds, they have to be a higher quality in order to go onto a setting. Lower-quality diamonds can be chosen for enhancement, so they are less expensive not only to cut but also to sell. The manufacturing cost is negligible compared to the cost of buying a higher-quality diamond in its rough state. While they are all earth-mined, natural gems, clarity-enhanced diamonds are often clearer and more beautiful than unaltered minerals.

These diamonds are often a larger size than unaltered diamonds because the rough material is less expensive than minerals that are more perfect.

The lower-quality diamond ends up being a higher quality than most finished products of non-enhanced diamonds, as the alteration process takes care of many of the natural impurities of the diamond.

A non-enhanced diamond may have slight defects and may end up being a lower quality in terms of the 4 Cs. If a diamond is clarity-enhanced, then it is more likely to be clearer, whiter, and larger.

Because many people prefer natural diamonds that have not been altered, enhanced diamonds often cost less. But they also cost less because the rough materials cost less, as mentioned earlier. Overall, the enhancements are almost invisible to the naked eye. In nearly every case, you need a special scope in order to see if any enhancements have been made.

On the other hand, non-enhanced diamonds can have impurities that are easily visible without any additional aids. Enhancing a diamond creates a more pristine, more perfect appearance.

So, if you take a look at every benefit, you can see that clarity-enhanced diamonds are more affordable and better-looking, as well as larger.

Best Brilliance knows that the economy has changed a lot over the past several years, so affordable jewelry has become more of a priority for people in the market for diamonds. Diamonds are beautiful, durable, and a mainstay of fashion, as it has been for many years. Clarity-enhanced diamonds are how we provide gorgeous diamonds that can fit within almost anyone’s budget.

Now, there you have it: 3 advantages of buying clarity-enhanced diamonds. If you want larger, clearer, more colorless diamonds for a fraction of the cost of buying an unaltered gem.