Thursday 20 June 2019
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5 Pieces of Jewellery That Every Woman Should Have

5 Pieces of Jewellery That Every Woman Should Have

It’s often said that jewellery is a girl’s best friend, and that there are few women who don’t have a soft spot for high quality accessories. But, while taste among wearers may differ greatly, there are a few time-tested pieces that have always been a staple of any jewellery collection –

Elegant Earrings

These are the earrings that you parade around with when you want to paint the town red. The ones that shine the brightest, turning heads and attracting the constant gaze of onlookers. Following Marilyn Monroe’s lead, many women opt for diamond-studded pieces, but many of the most fashionable earrings of today also feature silver, glass, gemstones or even wood as their primary materials.


Tennis Bracelets

An essential piece of jewellery, the tennis bracelet was popularized by tennis player Chris Evert, who in 1987 asked a referee to stop the match she was currently engaged in because her diamond bracelet had fallen off. Consisting of a single row of diamonds, the bracelet is easy to wear and matches well with all types of outfit, from the most casual of sportswear to more sophisticated looks.



A long-standing fashion accessory to the rich and famous, pearls nowadays are much more easy to get a hold of, but they’ve lost none of their old-fashioned luster. Pearls can be used to polish up your look for a formal occasion, but they also provide a boost of added sophistication to any casual daywear outfit too. Necklaces are excellent items for pearls, but they have also been successfully integrated in bracelets and brooches.


An everyday watch

Watches are traditionally considered to be the epitome of male accessories, but women who enjoy wearing them can easily gain style points by picking the right model. Wristwatches with medium-sized round dials are currently in vogue, preferably ones that feature elegant stainless steel or leather bracelets. Remember that you don’t have to go overboard by purchasing an extremely pricy model, as this watch will most likely go through thick and thin by your side.

A statement necklace

All in all, necklaces are probably the jewellery item that most clearly sticks out at first sight. Which is why it makes sense for every woman to have a true statement necklace in her collection. These often feature a bold design that attracts the eye instantly, and can be paired with other accessories as well. Whether you prefer bright colors or a more monochrome look, the statement necklace should definitely be a staple of your jewellery collection.


That concludes our quick guide on the five pieces of jewellery that no woman should be without. If you’re just starting out your collection, begin by integrating the aforementioned objects into your daily outfits and see how your overall look stands to benefit from it.