Thursday 20 June 2019
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Children Can Learn how to Paint By Figures – What About By Automatic Toys?

A couple of in the past, I met a fascinating grad student who’d done work helping autistic kids learn using computers and avatars. The work they do was a part of a bigger section of study which in fact had figured that autistic kids dealing with computerized avatars left their covering faster than individuals dealing with actual teachers. Okay so, which was interesting.

We realize that all up-walking primates, yes, including Home sapiens are extremely proficient at learning by means of imitation, and we have heard that phrase “imitation may be the greatest type of flattery” and thus, let us take this a step further now. The thing is, I had been watching that famous YouTube video around the TED Funnel with Mister Ken Robinson who discusses the significance to educate creativeness within our schools, obviously, here in america we’ve severe budgetary challenges with all of that do not we? It appears this is the first factor they would like to cut nowadays.

But when our schools eliminate art, music and anything creative, only then do we get a lot of kids graduating who think like drones because of everything inane rote recall skills. So, what is the method to educate kids art in early stages, teaching these to paint without having to spend more for additional classrooms and teachers? Well, let us combine all of this ideas above with this particular new technology I’ll describe below

There is a fascinating article in Gizmag online tech gadget news on This summer 19, 2013 entitled “Children’s art goes hi-tech with WaterColorBot,” by Jonathan Fincher, which portrayed a printer like painting machine, where brushes drizzled with the paint and colored an image with different graphic program, much like a printer however it really colored. Well, consider for a moment a automatic keyboard piano and just how children can study piano by using along and watching and dealing by using it? Well, could this product in Gizmag be the next phase in training our future human artists, or will similar and much more sophisticated machines replace human artists?

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