Wednesday 22 January 2020
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Cool Styles for Boys are Expressed on T-shirt Designs

Cool Styles for Boys are Expressed on T-shirt Designs

The t-shirt is still the classic way to show off how cool you are to others. Any boy knows how important it is to convey this type of image. After all, no boy’s wardrobe can be considered complete unless it features trendy t-shirt designs. When you find a company that highlights funky-printed t-shirt styles, then you will make the boy in your family a trendsetting and fashionable guy.

Some of the Popular Boys’ Tees

Some of the popular styles featured for boys today include Brooklyn Tag Sublimation t-shirt styles, as well NYC Sublimation tee designs. USA and Wolf Pax fashions are also in great demand. Featured tees also include Star Wars shirts in a variety of galactic depictions.

You can choose t-shirt styles for boys from five years of age to 13 years old, and shortlist your selections by brand, colour, and price. Normally, in the UK, the price ranges from £4 to £10. Naturally, if boys get acclimated to wearing t-shirt styles, they also become men who appreciate this fashion style.

When it comes to tees and style, the opinions generally run in two directions. Most men use a tee as a wardrobe staple – one that can be worn during any occasion with virtually any thought. Other men are traditionalists and believe that t-shirts should be reserved for working out, or as a cover at the beach.

An Added Layer of Protection

Whilst the t-shirt has a decidedly contemporary feel, its origins as an undershirt go back 100 years. The t-shirt gets its name from the tee that is formed by its boxy body and sleeves. T-shaped shirts were formerly worn in materials made of wool or silk. The apparel served as a barrier between a man’s skin and his outerwear. Usually the shirts were designed to absorb perspiration.

During the Industrial Revolution, the fabric used for t-shaped shirts changed to materials that were more breathable. During the 19th century, the tees were commonly worn as tops to two-piece union suits that workers wore underneath their clothes. Miners and dockworkers later wore the tees alone with their trousers.

Military Wear

During the 1900s, the US Navy issued undershirts to it sailors. Other branches of the military also issued the shirts in the following decades. Whilst the undershirts were made to be worn under a uniform, military men, fighting in sweltering locales, wore the undershirt, like the dockworkers, as an outerwear shirt with their trousers.

After the Second World War, men continued to wear undershirts with trousers when they worked around the house. By the 1950s, movies, such as Rebel Without A Cause, popularised the wearing of the undershirt as stand-alone attire.

Advancements in screen printing in the 1960s led to today’s expressive t-shirt type looks. Whether they are worn by a boy, girl, man, or woman, they are a fashion statement that adheres to its own dress code. Naturally, tees are not appropriate for formal situations. However, they are ideal for activities that are loosely organised and relaxed. Basically, the t-shirt is one fashion that should be included in everyone’s wardrobe, regardless of their gender or age.