Thursday 20 June 2019
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Gold Kada – Know Its Plentiful Benefits

Gold Kada – Know Its Plentiful Benefits

Kada is worn as a protection amulet. Actually Kada is said to be worn by Sikhs and Punjabis to guard from outside and inside. It is believed to remind you of not doing anything evil and protecting you from bad. It is to deflect negative energy. However, the fact cannot be denied that everyone needs protection, regardless of whether you are a Sikh or not.

Importance of Kada

The Kada is now worn even by non-Sikhs, as it is noted that many Sikhs are found wearing Shiv and Om bracelets. This has nothing to be specific about the religion, it is relating to an individual faith in the religion.  Thus now wearing of Kada is not restricted to males or Sikhism. Generally, it is worn as steel bangle and is widely accepted owing to its toughness. However, gold kada is loved by all, but is costly as it cannot be lightweight. It is expected of the gold kada to be at least in 30 grams or else it will get de-shaped.

Is Kada adored?

Silver kada is worn commonly, but it loses its shine and luster with time. Besides there is a need to wear a heavy steel bangle to get a macho and manly feel. However, recently gold jewelry is a fashion statement and it is adored even by women. Gold, in the past was an ornament and not any trend or fashion. It had its significance than being a manifesting fashion statement. The way we see things now have changed, though the impact and the essence of wearing gold remains.

Benefits of gold

Right from ancient times, the gold benefits are well known to possess curing and healing properties.  In fact, it improves overall wellbeing is strongly believed. It is also said that wearing gold improves skin and alleviates symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in significant proportion.

Taking pure gold such as 24 karat from reputable places such as Tanishq ensures the purchase is perfect. Wearing pure gold helps and can send soothing vibration to your body to support healing, so that the blood vessels in the cells and the body relaxes. This helps the blood move easily through the tissue spaces.  As all the healing is with new cells growth, the gold touching the body is considered to heal body much faster and better.  Apart from all this, this glittering metal, gold is also a good investment that is much preferred by most women.