Thursday 20 June 2019
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How to get a good deal on a ring

How to get a good deal on a ring

It’s been a long time coming. Maybe you just got off of your mission, or maybe you’ve been on the hunt for what has seemed like an eternity. You’ve searched hard, looked high and low, but finally all those hit-and-miss dates have all paid off. You’ve found the girl of your dreams. Now what? Time to break out the fine non-alcoholic Champagne and bring on the marriage festivities right? Hold up there buddy, before you make it to the temple you’ve got some shopping to do first. Yup, you know what that means. If you’re going to put a ring on it, then you’re going to have to pay up first and get your woman some bling.


Getting a ring can be a frightening concept. I know, I’ve been there. You look online at rings and you realize that you could end up blowing tens of thousands of dollars. You’re probably feeling like you’d have to drown yourself in debt before you can get yourself the right ring for your girl. Well, there’s no reason to despair, and there’s certainly no reason to drown. You can find the perfect ring at an affordable price. When I was looking to get my sweetheart an engagement ring I had to do a little digging at first, but after only a little work, you can find yourself a good deal on a diamond ring that fits both her hand and your wallet.

The first thing you have to do is figure out what kind of ring you want to get. Don’t just assume that she will like anything you get her. This ring is going to sit on her finger for the rest of her life. You had better make sure that whatever ring she gets, she will be happy with looking at each and every day. This means doing some research and finding out what she likes. Honestly the easiest way to find out what she likes (and I’d recommend doing this) is to take her to a jewelry store and have her look at rings. She can ask the jeweler to let her try on different rings and you’ll be able to see what kinds of styles she likes. It’ll also give you a chance for her to check her ring size. This is an important fact to know, because resizing a ring just one size can cost anywhere from $70 to $130 depending on the store. Don’t allow yourself to rely on guess work to figure out her ring size later on. Go ahead and find a ring store near you to take your girlfriend to. I ended up taking my girlfriend to Dukes Jewelers in the Provo area after I found them online and saw they were close. They had a big selection; they were able to do custom jewelry, and had great reviews. We looked around at rings and tried different things on to make sure she knows what she wants. Turns out the reviews weren’t wrong. The staff was super friendly and really helped make us feel comfortable in the shopping process. I advise letting the people at the store know where you are in the buying process. This helps them help you better and not try to sell you too much if you’re not quite ready for that yet. It really helped with the decision process of picking a ring and I was able to move on to finding an affordable ring for her.


Now that you have the girl and you have an idea of what she wants in a ring it’s time to move on to the next step. Do research. Start looking at diamonds. If she liked round-cut diamonds learn all you can about the prices and styles of round-cut diamonds. If she liked heart shaped diamonds learn all you can about them. You should be confident that you know what you are buying, when you get a ring. The last thing you want is to get ripped off. Jewelry stores are trying to make a profit, and that generally means that they will try to make you believe that they know more about the ring that you want than you do. Then you’ll end up buying something you don’t actually want. Get informed. There are lots of websites out there with really helpful information that are key to finding out what you’re looking for. One thing that was key for me to find a reasonably-priced diamond ring was to learn about the kinds of inclusions diamonds can have. By inclusions I mean the imperfections that are found on the diamond. Basically, the more imperfections the diamond has the cheaper the diamond will be. This will lower the overall price of the ring. You might think, “Well wait, I want to buy a diamond that is perfect for my perfect woman”, and that is totally understood. However you can find diamonds that are only slightly included, or imperfect, that to the naked eye are perfect diamonds, and they will save you hundreds of dollars. Know all you can about diamonds, so that when you go into a jewelry store, you can confidently know what you’re looking for.


Now that you have the girl in mind, the ring, and you are prepared, go do some shopping. You can find amazing deals online and even in jewelry stores. Set a budget for yourself and stick to it. Trust me, all this time preparing and searching is well worth the wait. Nothing will compare to the feeling of looking into the eyes of the one you love, and with tears in her eyes, she says “Yes”.