Thursday 20 June 2019
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Men – How to Get Noticed in the Crowd

Men – How to Get Noticed in the Crowd

Like it or not, we all desire to stand out from the crowd, and in this modern society we live in, the way you dress says so much about you, and if you get that right, there’s precious little else you need to do to get noticed. The many social events we need to attend give us multiple opportunities to project the right image, and if you think you might be falling short of the mark, here are some tips to help you regain that classic look.


The Haircut

Forget the outfit for one moment, and focus on your hair. This aspect of your make up is vital, so choose a look and stick with it. Short or long, hair should be healthy looking and above all, tidy. Use the right conditioner to give you that movie star sheen.

The Accessories

Regarding image, it’s the little things that matter, cufflinks, tiepins, and perhaps earrings, should all reflect the look we are trying to create. The fashion conscious man must always look the part when he reaches for his wallet, and with bulk being an issue, discard most of that plastic and get something slim. If you are looking for Bellroy wallets in the UK, there are online suppliers of this quality product that will complement any guy. If you wear a watch, it should complement the outfit, so have 3 or 4 different styles. A Chunky sports watch is ideal for those extreme days, while an elegant dinner watch is essential for those formal occasions. Although we can all tell the time from our smartphones, men still like to wear a watch as a fashion accessory, and because old habits die hard!


When a well-dressed man enters a room, people start to notice him, beginning with his outfit, then his hair and general appearance, not forgetting the fingernails. Well-manicured hands are a sure sign of top grooming, so take care of them, and if a little manual work is on the cards, hand cream restores the skin and keeps those dreaded callouses away.


These are an essential fashion accessory, and with so many quality brands available, it isn’t hard to find the right combination. If you are serious about your appearance, have 2 or even 3 pairs for different activities, driving being just one. Wearing dark glasses indoors isn’t so cool, as many people think you have something to hide, so avoid it if at all possible.


The Right Manner

An attractive man knows he is good looking, but doesn’t flaunt the fact. Be confident in your movements, and never too pushy. A degree of modesty says a lot about a man, and politeness works with both sexes equally well. A tinge of expensive cologne will complement your aura, not too much, just enough to leave a fragrant reminder of your presence.

The right image is essential for the modern man, and with a little forethought and attention to detail, you can create the perfect image to enhance your life.