Sunday 23 June 2019
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Sneakers for the Seasons

Sneakers for the Seasons

One of the most popular trends this season is the tomboy style. This style, popularised by celebrities and rappers such as Aaliyah, involves women donning clothes that have a slightly masculine edge to them. Tomboys are known for their confident, rebellious and adventurous nature – these aren’t girls who follow the rules! – and are prone to wearing items such as leather jackets, ripped jeans, boyfriend sweaters, band t-shirts and, last but not least, sneakers.

Sneakers are a staple of any tomboy’s wardrobe and, in a twist of unusual good luck for ladies who refuse to conform, are also actually super on-trend right now. Everyone knows that men have an amazing number of options when it comes to picking out a well-designed pair of sneakers as it seems like a rap superstar releases a new pair of high-top sneakers practically every week, but what are the options like when it comes to women’s sneakers?

Surprisingly, the options are just as amazing. There truly is a very wide array of sneakers available in the current marketplace. These days, tomboys are spoiled for choice and might have difficulty styling themselves perfectly in each season and on every occasion; thankfully, that’s where the following handy guide comes into play.

Summer Sneakers

Summer is the season for having lots of fun, eating lots of fruit – mangoes, lychees, and blueberries are must-eats when the sun is shining – and it’s also the season for wearing lighter colours. In the warmer months, women who love sneakers should stick to simple white sneakers that cut off at the ankle and allow their skin the greatest possible room to breathe. Something like a Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Ballet Slip style in white would be ideal for this season, cool and fashionable at once.

Winter Sneakers

In winter, women have the opposite needs: they want to bundle up and keep warm. In the colder months, most of us love to burrow into our blankets and watch endless TV shows while consuming chicken soup. It follows that we’d want our feet to be warm. The best kind of sneaker for achieving this is a Chuck Taylor All Star Leather High Top. Leather is a dense and protective material and is sure to keep you cosy while also helping you look stylish and edgy. Chuck Taylor Leather High Tops come in a variety of styles including mesh-backed ones and more classically designed ones so you can choose to look rough or put-together at your discretion.

Sneakers for Special Occasions

Forget about seasons! Sometimes tomboys need to dress up and head out for a special occasion such as a high school dance, a ball, or even a girls’ night. Conventional wisdom dictates that women should wear heels in these situations, but heels are anathema for tomboys. Thankfully, sneaker manufacturers had women like this in mind when they designed Chuck Taylor All Star Sequin High Tops, a sneaker that’s got enough bling and pizzazz that it can be worn about town, on dates, and to fancy NYE parties with absolutely no shame.