Thursday 23 January 2020
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These Are the Three Most Popular Shirt Designs of 2016

These Are the Three Most Popular Shirt Designs of 2016

Advancements in technology have made the industry of printing shirt designs more popular and easier than ever before. Now, you can pick a design of your own choosing and you can just go to the printing shop in order to accomplish the task with the t-shirt you want the design printed on it.

With Krowmark, a workwear company that is based in the United Kingdom, you are assured of top quality shirts that can be customized to whatever use that you want. If you work with them though, the only concern that you have to be worried about is that whether your shirt will be a hit or not.

In order to help you in deciding what to print on your shirts, here are the most in demand shirt designs of 2016:

“The Flash” Shirt Design

Owing to the popularity of the television show, a lot of shops are selling their own version of a shirt bearing the logo of “The Flash.” The design is usually printed in a plain red shirt and features a yellow thunder bolt that is placed against a white circle. T-shirt like this has now become as iconic as sky blue shirts with the Superman logo and black shirts with the Batman logo.

“Bob Marley” Shirt Design

More than 35 years after his death, Bob Marley’s legacy as an artist and musician still lives on. This is especially manifested in the huge number of shirts bearing his name and/or face which are being produced every year from San Francisco to Kingston to Manila. It usually features Bob Marley’s face bathed in green, yellow and red. The fact that Bob Marley shirts are worn even beyond the usual demographic of reggae lovers and musicians is a testament to its popularity.

“I Love New York” Shirt Design

The “I love New York” is the shirt design that started it all and the fact that it is still a popular choice for a lot of shirt lovers is a proof of how it is so special. The design usually features the words “I” and “NY” sandwiching a heart, all of which are printed on a plain white shirt. Because of its famous nature, other cities all over the globe have followed this suit and made their own version of the “I love” shirts. So, next time you see “I love SG” and “I love LA” shirts in the streets, just remember that New York was where it all began.

Here are two runner-ups that also deserve to be featured:

“Anonymous” Shirt Designs

The international hacker group may not be as liked by a lot of people, but shirts that feature its now iconic Guy Fawkes mask logo are. The most popular designs are those that are printed white on black shirts in keeping up with the secretive character of the organization.

Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café’s status as a premiere coffee shop and food destination chain is only a little more respectable as the popularity of its logo on shirts. Hard Rock was one of the first businesses that thought of merchandising shirts on their establishment and now, they are also facing the competition of knock-offs in other countries.