Thursday 20 June 2019
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Think Beyond Diamonds- Go for Alternative Options in Engagement Rings

Think Beyond Diamonds- Go for Alternative Options in Engagement Rings

Diamond is the most preferred and loved option when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. It is the hardest stone with the strength of 10 on Moh’s scale. With its sparkling texture and glittering appearance, it definitely makes the perfect rings for such occasion. Its beauty lasts forever and connotes the continuation of a relationship for a lifetime.

Options in Engagement Rings

But with the change in fashion and taste, the glamour of diamond has slightly gone down. Couples are looking for other stunning but cost-effective engagement rings for their memorable day. They look for gemstones that are equivalently hard and studded cleverly so that they remain intact for a long period.

With exceptional astrological benefits along with spiritual values, these rings are the best medium to enhance affection between loving couples. Traditionally, people wear gemstones for their incredible properties bestowing health, wealth, power, and leadership quality upon their possessor. During the course of time, gemstones are also revered for their ability to enhance affection and expel all negativity in a relationship.

Due to such quality and beliefs, couples around the world prefer gemstones engagement rings to nurture their relationship till eternity. There are many types of precious stones available in the core of earth. But some of them are truly helpful and suitable for engagement rings.

Ruby Engagement Rings:

Ruby is embedded with the most astonishing looks and metaphysical properties. Its blood red color and twinkling cuts make it the best choice for rings after diamond. With a hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale, it is a variety of corundum. Myanmar and Kenya produce the finest quality of ruby. Engagement rings made from stone originated from these origins have authentic benefits. They can induce passion and love in a relationship. Spiritually, it strengthens the bonding between the couples and nourishes their relationship. Hence, ruby is also called as the mark of love.

Ruby Engagement Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings:

Sapphire is one of the most preferred gemstones in the world. It is available in vivid shades of yellow, blue, white, pink, purple, orange and other beautiful colors. Amongst them, yellow, white and blue are the most valued stones for engagement rings. The rings made from sapphires found in Southeast Asia and Cambodia are truly advantageous to deliver numerous spiritual and astrological benefits to your beloved. Blue Sapphire saves your partner from evil eye and protects him or her from hexing, jealousy, and enemies.

Emerald Engagement Rings:

Known for wealth and health, Emerald is a precious stone hailing from the beryl family. Finest quality of emeralds has the hardness ranging in 7.5-8 on Moh’s scale. In terms of value, it outranks diamond. Hence, pure quality of emerald is priced at very high rates. Its elegance and color are perfect to be studded in the engagement rings. Because of its incredible beauty, it has been a preferred stone for royal families in Egypt since ancient times. Emerald was also known as Cleopatra’s stone. It is believed that she possessed this stone in ample quantity to extract its ageless beauty and cosmic benefits. The engagement rings studded with emerald are surprisingly beneficial in increasing the longevity of a relationship.

Emerald Engagement Rings

Pearl Engagement Rings:

Pearl rings are the most gorgeous thing that you can gift your spouse. Its lustrous looks, smooth texture, and charm are simply charismatic. It is believed that it reflects the powers of the moon. Hence, people wearing pearl in any form are bestowed with complete peace of mind and calmness of soul that can be experienced only on a full moon night. Pearl studded in a beautiful silver ring looks remarkable as an engagement ring.

These are some of the best choices in gemstone engagement rings that can strengthen the most valued relationship of your life with their aura and beauty.