Monday 27 May 2019
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Three Awesome Tips to Get the Best Custom Made Diamond Wedding Ring

Three Awesome Tips to Get the Best Custom Made Diamond Wedding Ring

You have probably visited several jewellery shops and just could not find the right ring for your wedding. But, while the search can be challenging, a custom-made diamond wedding ring can be what you are looking for. In fact, it can be the best piece to replace ready-made diamond rings. To make sure your purchase the perfect custom-made wedding ring, consider the following tips:

Give Yourself Time to Take Care of the Ring’s Details

Keep in mind that custom-made jewellery takes time and work before being completed. First, you have to choose a designer and consult with them. The designer will make the sketch based on your specifications, you pick the type and shape of the diamond that the designer will make a raw mold of and make your jewellery. The time it takes to make the ring may depend on the experience of the designer so make sure to talk about the expected completion date with them.

Choose a Reputable Jeweller

To purchase the best custom made diamond jewellery, you need the right jeweller. Because jewellers are not made equal, pick the right one among the pool of choices. You want to ensure your chosen jeweller will make the engagement ring with certified diamonds. Try to ask for recommendations from your family or friends or use the internet to do your homework.

Pick the Right Diamond

When it comes to diamonds, you want to make sure you are getting real mined diamonds. Before you consider the diamond’s style and shape, look for the cut, carat, colour, and clarity of the diamond. Once you are sure about the quality, choose a diamond that you can afford. Usually, people prefer to purchase round brilliant cut diamonds for their fire and brightness. However, they are pricier than others. But if you want less expensive diamonds, consider heart-shaped, cushion cut and emerald cut diamonds. Selecting the right wedding ring is important. Know about the diamond cuts you are getting and how important it is in your life and your partner’s.

Buying a custom-made diamond ring is priceless to you and your spouse as well as offers you a platform to showcase your creativity and express your feelings in the ring. If you have less than a week to get the ring before the big day, look for jewellers that can deliver their product on time. You can also contact the jeweller from where you get diamonds before to easily request them to make the ring on time.