Thursday 27 February 2020
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6 DIY Prom Dress Ideas for Prom Season 2019

6 DIY Prom Dress Ideas for Prom Season 2019

DIYs is a new rage and why won’t it be; you can unleash your creativity, you can design and give it the touch of your personality. We have shared DIY Prom dress for 2019. Let’s bring out your inner diva with us by using these ideas.

Drape Dress aka wrap Dress: You probably have come across this idea before as either; a dress from a t-shirt, but you cannot wear are t-shirt dress to prom. Use this simple technique to turn a maxi skirt and fabric. Get a unique look by being a bit crafty and save money. Because of course if your school invites all the classes to prom, you cannot waste money every year on prom dress. This dress can be created by wrapping, pinching and stitching in a few places to get a fitting silhouette. You can undo it and wear it again a skirt.

DIY Mermaid Scale Dress: If you want to be a bit more experimental design a faux fish scale dress. Buy a piece of fabric in Teal, aqua colors for turning into a marine being. Be the fantasy mermaid by doing a little hard work because you will be stunned by the end result. The trick here makes it a fish cut dress. Add a sexy mesh line around the neck if you have chosen the neck that is plunging.

Iridescent Sequined Saga: Rock the dance floor with an iridescent sequined dress. The USP of this dress is the variant colors appearing different with every angle changing. Buy a cloth that has multicolored sequins, and simply put linen underneath to give firmness to the fabric. Grab all the attention by wearing this shiny armor and slay in prom dress.

Down to earth infinity gown: Maker a floor-length infinity dress for your prom. Stitch the straps that are adjustable, and the look of the dress can be changed by tying at different angles. Infinite gowns are hot, in trend and will make you look up to date. Why spend money on just one expensive dress, instead make your own it is the easiest DIY trick. You just need a waistband that is in the same fabric. You can create empire style gown, dropped waist gown by adjusting the waistband.

DIY Dye Ombre Gown: For creating an ethereal look, dye your white dress from the lower side towards the hemline. This look is the trendiest and super easy to make dress style. Just dye your dress either on top or in the bottom.

Multilayered Rainbow dress: Be on cloud nine and shine like a rainbow in this funky rainbow dress. Stitch a petticoat that has multi colors just like a rainbow. Do not overdo than that. The ideal color is white for the top; just add frilled layers in the petticoat. I can bet there won’t be even single dress in the entire party to match your creativity level.

Let us know how these DIY Prom dress ideas turned out, share your pictures, and give feedback. If you added some creativity, we would be glad to know. Enjoy your time to the fullest!