Thursday 27 February 2020
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Four Reasons to Add Pearl Jewelry to your Collections

Four Reasons to Add Pearl Jewelry to your Collections

Natural pearls are quite rare to find in nature. That is why the majority of pearls available in the market today are cultured. Finding the right pearl for you will make you feel more confident in your jewelry. If you are wondering, whether it is worth buying fine pearl jewelry, read on.

Fine Pearl Jewellery is Durable

Like diamonds, ruby, emerald, and sapphire, pearls are precious gems that fall into the fine jewelry category. Pearls signify timelessness and femininity. High-quality pearls are quite durable since they have great surface quality and thick nacre. These qualities are especially essential when picking South Sea, Akoya, and Tahitian pearls. The durability of these pearls is determined by their nacre’s thickness. For instance, when choosing a low-quality Akoya strand, you may find it quite light. Sometimes, the pieces may feel like real pearls. The majority of the weight comes from the beads. As long as you take care of your pearl jewelry, it is expected to last for generations.

Pearls Don’t Go Out of Fashion

Pearl jewelry can be worn in many ways. For instance, a strand of freshwater pearls can add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. You can layer and build up depth with them for more impacts. Also, a pair of pearl earrings is perfect for any occasion. For formal occasions such as weddings and black-tie parties, think about wearing South Sea and Tahitian pearls and diamond jewelry for some drama and depth.

They Tell a Story

There is a story behind every piece of pearl jewelry you own. Adding Mikimoto pearls to your jewelry collection will help in creating awesome memories.

They Hold Sentimental Value

This is especially true when you get your pearl jewelry as a gift. There are only a few things that hold the same sentimental value as jewelry. But, a thoughtful gift can bring families and friends closer. You can get or give a piece of fine jewelry to show appreciation and love. Usually, it can be a good conversation starter.

Traditionally, pearls symbolize a 30th pearl wedding anniversary. However, you do not need to wait for a special occasion to wear these pieces. A piece of fine pearl jewelry can be both traditional and classic. It is just important to adopt the flexibility of the piece and use your creativity. If you have been collecting pearl jewelry or just starting out, you want to get those pieces from a quality jeweler.