Sunday 5 April 2020
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Show Off Your Wild Side with a Custom Ring!

Show Off Your Wild Side with a Custom Ring!

Jewellery is important to many people. In fact, humans over millennia have always worn adornments and jewellery to mark social status, express their personality, and fit cultural conventions. In many ways, the jewellery industry has become somewhat mired down in simply creating designs and selling them without really considering the point of view of the wearer. This stands in sharp contrast with humans of the past who made their own bodily adornments. But what if you lack the skill to make your own rings or other jewellery? How would you express your unique personality through the purchase of a ring?

Why Go with a Custom Design?

Custom rings and other jewellery have taken off in popularity in recent years. By modifying an existing design or coming up with one of your very own, you are able to express yourself in a unique way. Not only will you wear a ring that is a reflection of who you are, but it will also be completely unique! But how does this really work? Consider the following steps:

  • Design: First of all, you will need to draw on some inspiration for your custom ring. Not everyone has the artistic skill to sit and sketch out what they want, but it is still possible to go through magazines and cut out designs that you like. Building a composite of different ring designs will enable you to get to the final design that pleases you. Whether you draw it all yourself or cut out ring designs from magazines that catch your eye, the fact is that the end result will still be exactly what you want!
  • Quote: The money you will have to pay will largely depend on how complex the design is, the type of metal that is used, and the quality of any gemstones you select. By providing the jeweller with your final design, you will be provided with an accurate quote and timeframe for completion.
  • CAD: These days, all jewellers use computer aided design software that makes their job easier and more accurate. Once you have provided your final design, the expert jeweller who will make your custom ring can go ahead and put together a CAD image of your ring. Once this is done, you can see exactly what it will look like!
  • Making your ring: Once all of the CAD images are completed and they have been signed off on, the expert jeweller can go ahead and actually put together the custom piece. Most companies that offer a custom design service of this nature will provide the finished product within four

Express Yourself

Have you ever wanted a custom piece of jewellery that exactly expresses who you are to the world? Through a computer aided design process, you can now have a ring designed that is one of a kind! This is a market that more and more jewellers are looking into because it provides customers with a unique experience and a final product that they have designed in consultation with an expert jeweller.