Thursday 27 February 2020
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The Joys of Jewellery Making

The Joys of Jewellery Making

Nowadays, everything is about DIY. From refinishing furniture to repurposing items, the trend over recent decades is to use your own creativity and ingenuity to make items, rather than buying them ready-made from shops. Jewellery making has grown in popularity as people realize how fun, affordable, and simple it can be to make beautiful and unique pieces for themselves, friends and family. When it comes to jewellery making supplies, anything and everything you could imagine or need is available to you from reliable bead suppliers online.

Why Make When You can Buy?

Even people with disposable income are warming up to the joys of creating. Anyone can stroll down to their local shop and purchase some jewellery; not everyone can make their own unique pieces and experience the pride of being able to respond to a compliment with, “Thank you, I made it myself.” Creativity is a powerful process with proven benefits to health and wellness. Creating your own jewellery pieces for yourself or friends and family will save you money, stimulate your senses, and bring you joy, so why not? Ready-made projects and patterns from bead suppliers are also great ways for beginner jewellery makers to get their feet wet.

Jewellery Making Details

When it comes time to make your own jewellery, acquainting yourself with some techniques and supplies is a good place to start. Depending upon what type of jewellery you are interested in making, the necessary jewellery making supplies will vary. There are jewel looms for weaving and numerous clasps, connectors, and fasteners to choose from for a variety of different functions and looks. A popular choice for beginners is to make multiple-strand bead bangles which is done easily with beads of your choice, thread and a clasp to easily do up and undo the bracelet.

Supplies you might need:

• beads
• bead storage containers
• beading wire
• threads
• clasps

If you are looking for a new hobby or simply a way to nurture that creative vibe, hop on over to the CJ Beaders website for jewellery making supplies, tips and tricks. As one of the leading suppliers of beads and jewellery making supplies, everything you need to make jewellery, whether you are experienced or a beginner, is at your fingertips. Become a part of the DIY revolution and see why the creativity craze that caught on with a vengeance is here to stay.