Sunday 5 April 2020
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Top heavy: Dressing right for the apple shaped woman

Top heavy: Dressing right for the apple shaped woman

We give you simple tips on picking blouses and tees for apple shaped bodies.

Apple shaped bodies often have average to large bust sizes, accompanied by a somewhat undefined waist. Many women in their 40s develop this kind of body shape when they enter the peri-menopausal stage of their lives. This body shape is characterised by a thick waist and hip, with a slimmer lower half.

Largely, the apple shaped body is rounder around the middle instead of slimmer in the waist. It can become slightly difficult to dress this type of body. However, the trick lies in visually slimming down the top and waist line to create a more proportionate silhouette.

Top off: Trimming the inches off the top

There are quite a few tricks that stylists use when dressing apple shaped figures. Normally, the key area of focus for this body type is the torso rather than the lower half of the body. So buying the right tops is important so as to shift focus away from the midsection.

Try these tips when buying tops for the apple shaped body:

* The hemline should end at the hips, not above. The first rule to remember is that you have to be careful about the top length when you’re shopping for an apple shaped body. The hemline of the top should skim the hips, and while it should not be a fitted silhouette, it should not be too loose and baggy either. Do not try crop tops or waist-length tops for this body type, because they only draw attention to the waistline.

* Vertical is best. It is the oldest optical illusion in fashion: vertical lines or stripes tend to visually ‘elongate’ the torso. So buy tops with vertical lines that give the effect of a slimmer, longer torso. You can get some great options in FabAlley tops if you’re looking for stripes and lines.

* Ruches on the middle.A ruched middle on your top confuses the eye because it disrupts the waistline and imbalances the silhouette. This style of top should be paired with a fitted skirt in vertical lines or a plain black colour. Make sure the ruches are not very heavy or in a thick band around the waist – too much can in fact, have the opposite effect of drawing attention to the waist!

* V neck tops and empire cuts are awesome. Another way to slim down the waist is to redirect attention away to the shoulders and chest region. You can easily achieve this by wearing a plain V neck top, which draws the attention from the shoulders to the chest in a vertical sweep. Apple shaped women will note that the slimmest part of their torso is the under bust area. So highlight the region with an empire cut top in satin or silk. FabAlley tops have some superb options in V neck and empire tops, so flick open your favourite shopping app like Jabong and look for the best options.