Sunday 5 April 2020
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What are the Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair?

What are the Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair?

Whether you’ve had thin hair all your life or your hair has recently started thinning, you can use hair extensions to achieve fuller, longer hair in an instant.

The biggest concern for women with thin hair, however, is causing further damage to their natural hair.

Understanding the different types of hair extensions

To answer your question, let’s look at some of the different hair extension options that are available.

Clip in hair extensions

This temporary extension solution gives you the freedom to enhance the length of your hair whenever you need to without having to commit to something more permanent. However, the weight of the clips means women with thin hair will only end up damaging their hair by using this type of extension. Thin hair also increases the chances of clip in extensions slipping out.

Tape in hair extensions

As the name suggests, top quality human tape in hair extensions are attached to your natural hair using tape. Each weft of hair is thin and lightweight, which means it won’t damage your natural hair. Once the extension is placed on the hair, it is attached with a single piece of tape on either side. Tape in extensions don’t require any chemicals or tools to apply, which further protects your natural hair.

Fusion hair extensions

This type of hair extension uses a keratin bond, which is softened using ultrasonic waves during application. This particular type of hair extension is one of the more expensive options and has a lengthier application process. It also tends to pull out a lot of your natural hair during application.

Micro link hair extensions

These hair extensions are applied strand by strand using a special tool. The links that are used to attach the extensions to the natural hair are similar to screws, which can damage your hair once it’s clamped on. The weight of the strands also tends to pull on the natural hair.

Braided weft hair extensions

This type of hair extension is sewn into your natural hair. Braids are used to cover your entire head and the wefts of hair are then sewn into these braids. Women with thin hair don’t generally have enough hair to create the braids that are required for this type of extension.

Overall, the hair extensions that are going to add the least weight to your natural hair are going to work the best, which is why tape in hair extensions are by far the better choice for women with thin hair.

Tape in extensions are light and don’t require any heavy glue.

Women also have the option of using micro tape in hair extensions, which involves attaching much smaller pieces of individual hair using tape in order to add volume while minimising the risk of damaging your natural hair.

When purchasing your tape in hair extensions, be sure to only select 100% Remy hair as this will provide you with the most natural results and will last you much longer than synthetic hair extensions.