Thursday 27 February 2020
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Who Is Tacori?

Who Is Tacori?

Tacori jewelry is a household name. It has become synonymous with engagement rings and bridal wear after shooting to fame when featured on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Tacori was also named one of the “Top Five most visible brands” in the jewelry category by INDESIGN magazine in 2013, and it has recently garnered attention for its partnership with Who What Wear to create a line of fine, affordable jewelry aimed at the average millennial.

What makes Tacori jewelry so special? The craftsmanship, design, and quality are all supreme, but what really sets the brand apart is its trademark crescent silhouette. In a classic Tacori ring design, diamonds are inlaid in the band of the ring in a crescent pattern, giving the design an incredible depth and intricacy and ensuring the gems sparkle from every angle. The crescent silhouette rings would not look out of place on the finger of a duchess or a lost Romanov princess. Special, indeed.

So, you know why Tacori designs are in a class of their own. But do you know who is behind the Tacori name?

The Tacori Company was founded by Haig and Gilda Tacorian. In a classic iteration of the American Dream, the couple relocated to Glendale, California from Europe in 1969, where they hoped to start a new life, originally selling pearls. In the early 1990s, Tacori moved into selling diamonds, and by 2005 the company was famous for engagement and bridal jewelry. Since its inception, the Tacori focus has always been on passion, craftsmanship, and detailed artistry, blending European flair with effortless Californian elegance.

Over the years, relatives and children joined the Tacori company, bringing new skills and fresh insight all while honoring the Tacori emphasis on family and legacy. In 2016, Haig Tacori stepped aside from company leadership to become a Chairman on the company’s board. His son, Paul, and daughter, Nadine, now run the company as CEO and COO respectively.

Speaking of the change in company leadership, Haig Tacorian said: “This is a natural evolution in our company and the result of diligent succession planning and execution of our mission and vision. I could not be more proud of my children, Paul and Nadine. With their individual strengths, they’re impressive as a team, they’re unstoppable.”

It is fitting that the Tacori brand stays in the hands of the Tacorian family. After all, the company strives to create beautiful pieces of jewelry which will become heirlooms and pass down generations. Engagement rings are special in their timelessness and symbolism, and the Tacori designs have been honed and perfected over several decades and several Tacorians.

If you want an engagement ring or simply a beautiful piece of jewelry which you can pass down the generations – which is infused with artistry, tradition, a passion for life, and the ultimate family values – take a look at the ranges available from Tacori.